Braava® does the mopping. You do the living.

For mopping hardwood, tile, and stone, Braava® has you covered. Specialised dry sweeping and wet mopping pads keep floors fresh and clean, with less effort from you.

Braava® Mops

The ultimate robot mop. Ideal for multiple rooms and large spaces.

Braava jet® m Series

Detailed mopping for kitchens and bathrooms.

Braava jet® 200 Series

A complete clean for large spaces.

Braava® 300 Series

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Clean Home, Smarter.

With Breakthrough Imprint™ Technology, We’re Building A World Where Robots Intelligently Communicate With Each Other And The Rest Of Your Connected Home. Because Our Goal Is Not Just To Create A Home That’s Smarter—It’s To Create A Home That Takes Care Of Itself.